Imposter Credit

Imposter Check List

Do You Feel Like An Impostor?

  • Have you ever felt like you’re merely pretending at your skills, expertise, or talents? 
  • Do you worry that others will “unmask” you as a fraud?  
  • Have you questioned whether your success is truly earned, regardless of evidence to the contrary?

All leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs have encountered challenges, setbacks, and moments of doubt throughout their careers. It’s a natural part of the business journey. At times, these routine obstacles can shake your confidence and create self-doubt – a feeling that’s not uncommon.

If feelings of unworthiness, self-blame, and negativity persist, you might be experiencing something more profound – impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome doesn’t discriminate; it affects individuals from all walks of life and at every level of success. This constant self-questioning can erode your confidence, limit opportunities, and leave you drained.

The Impostor Syndrome Checklist will help you identify your personal triggers. If you’re ready to beat impostor syndrome, sign up for our live, virtual program: PowerUp Your Leadership Presence: How to Beat Impostor Syndrome.

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