“You are so beautiful and so smart. It kills me that you don’t think you’re good enough”. I didn’t say that, but I agree with the sentiment. America Ferrera noted it in her speech in the Barbie movie. It does ‘kill’ me to repeatedly hear so many professional, successful, and high-achieving women I coach say, ‘I’m not good enough’ to themselves. I can relate as I found myself in that self-sabotaging loop until I learned to manage my thoughts.

I admit when the movie Barbie came out, I didn’t see the hype and fame about it. I had a Barbie doll growing up, but she didn’t look like me then. I didn’t connect to the perception of the perfect woman she represented. I would never look like her.  

Recently, I gave in to watching the movie. Surprisingly, the film had profound messages about how women self-sabotage. American Ferrera’s speech also eloquently depicts the societal norms and personal struggles women experience. 

A Journey of Self-Discovery

So, let’s dive into Barbie’s fabulous world and explore how our perfect doll in this movie overcame impostor syndrome in practical ways. Buckle up for a journey of self-discovery and empowerment!

  1. Embracing Diversity:  Barbie shows us that impostor syndrome often stems from feeling like you don’t belong. Our girl, however, welcomes diversity in all its forms. Whether making new friends or venturing into unknown territories, Barbie teaches us that embracing differences is crucial in conquering impostor syndrome.
  2. Setting Unrealistic Standards: Barbie has always been the icon of perfection. But in the movie, she breaks free from the pressure of meeting unrealistic standards. By acknowledging that nobody is perfect and embracing her flaws, Barbie sends a powerful message that you don’t need to be flawless to be fabulous.
  3. Learning from Mistakes: Impostor syndrome can make you fear failure, not Barbie. The movie beautifully portrays Barbie learning from her mistakes, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth. By showing that it’s okay to stumble along the way, the movie encourages us to view mistakes as stepping stones to success.
  4. Building a Support System: Barbie surrounds herself with a fantastic support system in the movie. Her friends uplift and empower her and highlight the importance of a solid support network when battling impostor syndrome. It’s a reminder that you don’t have to face challenges alone.
  5. Defying Expectations: In the storyline, Barbie defies societal expectations and pursues her dreams with determination. By breaking free from preconceived notions, she conquers impostor syndrome and shows us that authenticity and passion are the keys to success.


To quote another of America Ferrara’s speech lines, “I’m just so tired of watching myself and every single other woman tie herself into knots so that people will like us.” Are you ready to break free of these harmful restraints and learn to power up your mental fitness muscles?

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